Love the tree, the sad dwarf birch,
the noble spruce reaching for the skies,
the pine whose red bark speaks about love
for all that is breathing, living and beautiful.

August Gailit, “Ekke Moor”, 1941


Forest felling, purchase and transportation of timber

We help forest owners to arrange the felling of their forest and the transport of timber from the felled area to the saw mill.

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Production of sawn timber

Production of sawn timber in different cross-sections from logs for construction. Small-scale production of material in customised dimensions.

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Timber drying

Three 100 m³ drying kilns equipped with modern moisturising systems. Drying of structural, sawn and carpentry timber. Drying of birch, pine and spruce logs and house logs.

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  • Do you need timber for your doors, windows or stairs?
  • Do you want to use high quality local timber?
  • Do you want to maintain your timber structures and protect them against the elements?
  • Are you a carpenter who needs top quality timber for your projects?
  • Do you want to build a healthy and ecological house for your family?
  • Are you dreaming of building a sauna?


Processed and unprocessed sawn timber for construction, planks, floorboards, decking and timber for the sauna.
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Timber for carpentry

Unedged planks and boards 22-150mm. Birch, pine, alder, spruce, ash and oak.
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Finishing materials and fastenings

Wood protection for indoor and outdoor applications, high quality fastening devices and Essve screws.
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OAK floorboard ANTIQUE

* massive wood
* natural oak
* softened phase four side
* top interface
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