About us

Trendwood OÜ

The Trendwood OÜ timber company was established in 2007 in Võru, Estonia.

Our main field of activity is the production and sale of sawn and planed timber. We also offer carpentry timber (pine, birch, ash and oak) to door, window and furniture manufacturers. Our product range includes different cross-sections of sawn timber for construction, for cladding both outdoor and indoor applications, for deck boards, saunas and other wood-related products.

Trendwood OÜ offers a complete production process, from felling in the forest to delivering the finished product to the consumer. We guarantee high quality and customer satisfaction.

Trendwood OÜ holds the strength sorting certificate INSTA 142 and has the capacity to sort timber into strength classes T3, T2, T1 and T0.

production and sale of sawn and planed timber

OAK floorboard ANTIQUE

* massive wood
* natural oak
* softened phase four side
* top interface
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