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ESSVE is a safe, secure and simple choice of supplier of attachment devices. ESSVE offers a complete selection of attachment devices. We offer 40,000 different products. Our products range from tiny screws for the cellular phone industry to large fastening solutions used in dam structures.

We want to provide you with correct and clear information to make it easy for you to choose the right product. We perform tests on all the products that we carry and make spot-checks at regular intervals during the manufacturing process and upon delivery to our warehouse.

Wide choice and extensive expertise

ESSVE is the market leader in attachment solutions in the Nordic region. We have been providing the building and engineering industry with attachments since 1970. With our knowledge of the sector we offer our customers safe and secure solutions.

We have a wide range of attachments, around 800 different articles. You will find a description of the suitable uses and mounting instructions for our products on the packaging and in our product catalogue.

Different solutions for different environments

he Nordic climate places heavy demands on our products. Temperatures that vary between -30 and +30 centigrade require high quality products. Our attachments are designed for the Nordic climate.

ESSVE CorrSeal is our type of approved surface treatment that results in highly effective corrosion protection. The treatment is tested and approved by SITAC for corrosion class C4, which can be described in brief as indoor climate with high humidity and high levels of air pollution, or as outdoor climate with moderate salt levels or tangible levels of air pollution.

We offer safety goggles and protection gloves from certain manufacturers:

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OAK floorboard ANTIQUE

* massive wood
* natural oak
* softened phase four side
* top interface
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