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900 ways to keep things securely in place

The basis of our thinking at ESSVE is that a box of 1000 screws should contain 1000 screws of the highest quality. Not one screw should fail. With that as our starting point, we can confidently talk about the quality of each individual screw that we sell.


Quality is important to us at ESSVE. We safeguard the quality of our screws through regular statutory and other testing. We perform tests on all the products that we carry and make spot-checks at regular intervals during the manufacturing process and upon delivery to our warehouse.

Different solutions for different environments

The Nordic climate places heavy demands on our products. Temperatures that vary between -30 and +30 centigrade require high quality products. Our screws are designed for the Nordic climate.

ESSVE CorrSealEssve kruvid näidispiltESSVE CorrSeal

ESSVE CorrSeal is our type approved surface treatment that results in highly effective corrosion protection.


5 layer protection

OAK floorboard ANTIQUE

* massive wood
* natural oak
* softened phase four side
* top interface
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