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Did you know that treated decking material is not protected from the impact of the elements?

A wooden deck requires annual maintenance. A well-maintained deck will last for years. New deep treated decking boards need to be treated on both sides with wood protection that protects not only against moisture but also against UV-rays.

Springtime maintenance will give your deck a fresh look for the whole summer and protect the wood from the sun which mercilessly destroys the surface of wood. In the autumn and winter, decorative protective lasur protects decking boards from water and ice which may also penetrate the surface and damage the wood.

You can use a different colour decorative wood protection lasur to create a very distinctive deck. We offer between 13 and 14 shades as finished products.


Before lasuring the deck, clean off the dirt, lichen and debris that have accumulated over time. Wash the deck with a deep cleaning detergent that includes sodium hydroxide as an active ingredient. Apply the sodium hydroxide solution on the deck and let it soak in for a while before scrubbing the surface thoroughly, using a bristle brush. Repeat if necessary to get the desired results. Sodium hydroxide removes dirt, fungi and lichen. The sodium hydroxide opens the wood pores, facilitating lasuring with wood protection. After scrubbing, rinse off with plenty of water to remove detergent residues. Please note that sodium hydroxide is a caustic solution which will burn any part of your body it comes in contact with. Be sure to wear rubber gloves.


Deck maintenance is carried out in two stages. After cleaning the deck, allow it to dry thoroughly. After the deck is dry, apply the decorative wood protection lasur on the surface of the boarding. Annual maintenance will keep your deck looking great and make it last for years.

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